Vallon Pharmaceuticals focuses on the development and commercialization of novel treatments for CNS disorders

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Vallon is a private, clinical stage pharmaceutical company based in Philadelphia

We are currently focused on the development and commercialization of a novel treatment for ADHD and Narcolepsy where there is substantial unmet need.

Stimulant abuse is widespread and on the rise


people in the US misuse or abuse prescription stimulants annually 1


increase in Emergency Room visits for non-medical use of prescription stimulants, 2004-2011 2


of people who misuse or abuse prescription stimulants do so by snorting (insufflating) 3

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Our investigational new drug compound, ADAIR, targets stimulant misuse and abuse

ADAIR (Abuse Deterrent Amphetamine Immediate Release) uses an active ingredient, dextroamphetamine, that has been approved by the FDA and used clinically for over fifty years.  Dextroamphetamine is the same active ingredient used in FDA approved products, such as Vyvanse®. 


The key difference between ADAIR and other forms of dextroamphetamine is our delivery system. ADAIR uses a novel, patented formulation to deliver dextroamphetamine and is designed to deter attempts to crush and snort it or take it by other non-oral routes that can produce a greater “high.” 


ADAIR is an investigational new drug product and is not approved by the FDA.

The Agency [FDA] agrees that the abuse and misuse of controlled substances, including CNS stimulant drugs, present a serious public health concern, and we support efforts by drug manufacturers to modify formulations to reduce the risk of abuse.
— Janet Woodcock, MD, Director, FDA. Sep 18, 2014
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Our approach

By hiring and working with experienced and accomplished life sciences professionals, and creating an efficient and nimble working environment, we aim to progress the development of new medicines that address unmet patient needs, doing in hours what for others takes days, doing in days what for others takes weeks, and doing in weeks what for others takes months.


Our approach to drug development and commercialization is inspired by the phrases “Why Not?” and “Let’s Go!”

Why Not?


We challenge conventional wisdom to get things done faster, better, less expensively.  Why?  Because we serve patients and they are looking for new solutions.

Let’s Go!


We are impatient, in a good way. We need to keep moving and get it done quickly, because patients, physicians, and investors shouldn’t have to wait.

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